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shitpost.png by stutter-punk-art shitpost.png :iconstutter-punk-art:stutter-punk-art 2 0 Samus Aran by stutter-punk-art Samus Aran :iconstutter-punk-art:stutter-punk-art 2 0 Ashes Of Eden by stutter-punk-art Ashes Of Eden :iconstutter-punk-art:stutter-punk-art 3 0 Mr. henton by stutter-punk-art Mr. henton :iconstutter-punk-art:stutter-punk-art 2 0 (Art trade) S MORAN - By Gilamasan by stutter-punk-art (Art trade) S MORAN - By Gilamasan :iconstutter-punk-art:stutter-punk-art 3 1 ROT by stutter-punk-art ROT :iconstutter-punk-art:stutter-punk-art 3 0 // by stutter-punk-art // :iconstutter-punk-art:stutter-punk-art 0 0 aladdin sane by stutter-punk-art aladdin sane :iconstutter-punk-art:stutter-punk-art 2 0 Egon Schilie Study 2 (mature content) by stutter-punk-art
Mature content
Egon Schilie Study 2 (mature content) :iconstutter-punk-art:stutter-punk-art 1 0
Digital Doodle by stutter-punk-art Digital Doodle :iconstutter-punk-art:stutter-punk-art 4 0 Alexandria (mature content) by stutter-punk-art
Mature content
Alexandria (mature content) :iconstutter-punk-art:stutter-punk-art 0 0
Feel It All by stutter-punk-art Feel It All :iconstutter-punk-art:stutter-punk-art 2 3 Ink Life Drawings (mature content) by stutter-punk-art
Mature content
Ink Life Drawings (mature content) :iconstutter-punk-art:stutter-punk-art 0 0
S Moran by stutter-punk-art S Moran :iconstutter-punk-art:stutter-punk-art 1 0 Louder than words by stutter-punk-art Louder than words :iconstutter-punk-art:stutter-punk-art 0 0 Egon Schilie Study (Mature Content) by stutter-punk-art
Mature content
Egon Schilie Study (Mature Content) :iconstutter-punk-art:stutter-punk-art 1 0


SilentHill 3: Heather Mason by gilamasan SilentHill 3: Heather Mason :icongilamasan:gilamasan 8 3 Reverse!verse Sabriel gif by Tsuki-Nekota Reverse!verse Sabriel gif :icontsuki-nekota:Tsuki-Nekota 590 16 Reverse!verse Destiel gif by Tsuki-Nekota Reverse!verse Destiel gif :icontsuki-nekota:Tsuki-Nekota 497 18 Clare and Rad by ArtemysWar Clare and Rad :iconartemyswar:ArtemysWar 3 0
Not Like Other Girls - Dean x Reader
You were in the bathroom, getting ready for bed when Sam and Dean came into the motel room. Their voices were louder than usual, so you stopped what you were doing to listen to them.
‘Dean, why don’t you just tell her?’ Sam asks.
‘Because I don’t want to be disappointed, you know what, maybe I should’ve just kept my mouth shut to you,’ Dean mumbled, clearly not happy. You frowned, you didn’t like it when Dean was unhappy.
‘Why won’t you tell her Dean?’ Sam asked, obviously confused. Something churned in your stomach, Dean was on about some girl, some girl that would never be you and that hurt.
‘What am I supposed to say Sammy? Oh hey, I love you, want to go out for dinner?’ Dean asked.
‘Well, yeah,’ Sam said.
‘She’d just say no, Sam. She thinks I’m some kind of womanizer,’ Dean said sadly.
You smiled fondly, it always made you laugh to watch Dean flirt, but it hurt when it
:iconmissdarlingdead:missdarlingdead 568 49
Eye Of The Tiger (Dean X Reader)
You're tapping your foot listening to the radio when "Eye of the Tiger" comes on. Grinning, you turn up the volume. Dean laughs as you dancing in the seat during the intro. When the lyrics come on, you start singing obnoxiously. "Rising up, back on the street. Did my time, took my chances. Went the distance now I'm back on my feet. Just a man and his will to survive!"
Dean rolls his eyes and joins in with the next verse. "So many times, it happens too fast! You trade your passion for glory! Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past! You must fight just to keep them alive!"
He grins at you dorkily. "It's the eye of the tiger, it's the thrill if the fight! Rising up to the challenge of our rival! As the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night! And he's watching over us all WITH THE EYE… OF THE TIGER!"
You guys break out in a fit of giggles. You hit his arm as the lyrics come back on and you guys start singing again. "Face to face, back in the heat! Hanging tough, sta
:iconkneelbeforehiddles:KneelBeforeHiddles 143 9
Supernatural Sky by chunkymacaroni Supernatural Sky :iconchunkymacaroni:chunkymacaroni 396 25
Awkward (Supernatural Reader Insert)
You're sitting there with Dean and Sam, taking a break. You guys know what you're hunting, you figured that out hours ago. It's a vampire, simple, easy. Now, you're just waiting for the right time.
This one decides to pick girls up from bars and take them home to 'do things'. The girls think they're gonna get some and willingly follow him into his basement. He makes out with them a bit first, really get their blood pumping. Then, he moves to their neck where he sinks his teeth.
   A bit cliché, if I do say so myself, but anyway, back to you.
You guys are just sitting there, chilling. Then you feel the horrible, horrible feeling of your uterus deciding to be a bitch. You make a weird, uncomfortable face as the first wave of Niagara Falls of Blood comes out of you. You totally keep track of your days though, so you were prepared. Dean notices your face. "Are you okay?"
You nod your head. "Yeah! Totally fine! I just can't go kill the vampire."
Sam looks up from his laptop
:iconkneelbeforehiddles:KneelBeforeHiddles 411 55
It's The Little Things (SupernaturalxReader)
You felt like crap. Not only was it your time of the month, but you were also being cooked alive in the hot bunker, and everywhere ached. Stupid demons.
Trying to face the day, you had got up and dressed only end up in what could solely be described as a 'weird!!!' position on the sofa- praying for it to swallow you up. You had taken all the pain meds you could, but you were still left clutching to your stomach like your insides were going to fall out and arching your back and shoulder to try and alleviate the hurt there.
“What's up dumpling?” Dean called from behind as you scowl in distaste of his pet name for you. It wasn't even cute- purely for irritation purposes.
“I'm fineeeee” you wailed into the pillow, earning a chortle from him as he lifted your legs and sat next to you. Sighing, you feel him begin to rub circles into your aching calfs. Yanking you head up in a almost violent motion, you focus and smile, “Just a tad achey and yanno..”
:iconmystic-megg:Mystic-Megg 236 39
Dean - All in a days work by dauntingfire Dean - All in a days work :icondauntingfire:dauntingfire 157 19 Sam - Rage needs an outlet by dauntingfire Sam - Rage needs an outlet :icondauntingfire:dauntingfire 309 30
Comfort Nurtures Attachment (TeenDeanxTeenReader)
“You want to know how I feel, Dean? I’m insecure. I’m so fucking insecure, anxiety constantly eats at me, and I try so hard to be liked!! To help the people with their maths, or grab their lunch when I’m already in the line at the canteen. And it hurts so much that I’m still not good enough for anyone. People still talk about me, and I’m the weirdo and- I- yes.. I like you, but I could never expect you to like me back- How could I when I don’t even like myself?” Quickly you buried your face in your hands- you had never opened up like this before.
Dean’s face was one of shock, he never knew that each of the students mean jabs hurt you this way- he never realised just how fragile you were. How ugly you felt.
Taking you into his embrace without a moments thought, he squished your smaller frame so tightly into his chest- and just held you. As you felt the large arms wrap around you, you instantly squeezed him closer; not questioning the
:iconmystic-megg:Mystic-Megg 80 32
Attraction (DeanxSelfConscious!Reader)
You held back tears as you returned from the bar, it was so stupid- and you knew you shouldn't care about a bitch and her words. But your body was a touchy issue.
Your size had always bothered you, and if that wasn't enough- Dean was perfect. How could you of all people keep such a man interested?
Angrily you wiped under your eyes before you got out of the car, the last thing you needed was Dean or Sam finding out.. You didn't want to waste their time with your silly self-loathing, and so after getting into the bunker you took off straight to yours and Dean's room, leaving the boys confused and worried glances behind you.
You were almost in your warmest pyjamas when you heard Dean's voice, “You going to tell me what's going on with you?” he murmured whilst wrapping his arms around your waist and trapping you there. “And don't lie- you know I can see straight through it”
“I'm fin-”
“Oh please, spare me it! Babe! What is it?”
“The blo
:iconmystic-megg:Mystic-Megg 321 81
Fighting This (DeanxReader)
Mentions none specific self harm.
Doctors would have categorized you with depression, but this wasn't mental health- it was a lifestyle.
Each hunter had their own sob story- someone they had loved, dying at a monsters hands- and you were no different. You sought revenge, and hurt even more when you realised it wouldn't fill the giant gaping hole in your heart. Just like the rest. You drank your way through the days and pushed yourself to your absolute limits, never letting up. Just like the rest.
But you were different from the rest- you coped in a way that made people want to run. You carried so much weight and emotional baggage it was crushing you, it was destructive. It wasn't just the pain and anger, but the self loathing and loneliness too, and all the other feelings that you can't put into words that get across the sheer sadness that grips you.
These feelings were corrosive, they're eating you up. Its slow, dangerous and consuming, but despite its destructive fashion- no o
:iconmystic-megg:Mystic-Megg 90 24
Pressure's On! - Bucky x Anxious! Reader
This was it. The week that could make or break you.
Finals Week.
Your fingers threaded through your [h/c] hair in anxiety. ‘What about I mess up?’ you thought frightened, ‘If I screw up on my finals my grades would be a disaster for sure!’
Unbeknownst to you, Bucky was silently sitting on the couch at the other side of the living room reading a book titled, “Relationships for Dummies”. Generally he would have never picked up such an insulting book but after all the failed attempts to try to ask you out, he eventually caved in and bought the damn book.
However when he heard your distressed sighs he quickly hid the book and went over to you.
“You seem stressed” He spoke in monotone.
Feebly you rose your head from the Pre-Calculus book on the table. “Bucky. I didn’t see you there”
“I was on the couch”
“Oh” Slowly you straightened your position only to immediately freak out,
:iconkal-a-cas:Kal-a-Cas 256 43
Flannel (Sam Winchester X Reader)
You stumbled out of bed as you heard someone pounding on the door, grabbing a flannel and pulling it on. You buttoned it as you walked to the door, standing on your tiptoes and peering out the peephole. You jumped in surprise as arms wrapped around your waist, turning around and finding yourself face to, well, chest, with Sam.
You smiled, especially when you realized that he was wearing a flannel as well, this one a lot smaller and tighter, barely clinging to his muscular chest.
You chuckled, glancing down at your flannel which hung down almost to your knees, then back at his. His boxers were clearly visible against the short shirt and you grinned, pecking his lips sweetly before opening the door to your room.
“Hey Dean.” You greeted, opening the door wider and allowing Dean to see Sam.
“Is this the new couple thing?” Dean teased, gesturing from your shirt to Sam’s.
“No, this is what happens when two people with the same shirt date.” You respon
:iconmiss-union-jack:Miss-Union-Jack 724 86



Hey guys!! 
Just posting this up to say I now have an art blog on tumblr.  It'd mean so much if you guys went and checked it out!!
Here's the link to it >
Soooo my boyfriend showed me a filthy frank video, and i drew Moran like frank, the screencap is from his video "bad internet rappers"!!!
(i traced the image, and but!! i was just like to him "should i draw moran like filthy frank??" and he was like "DO IT!!")
Samus Aran

SO I DID SOME FAN ART!! (I know it’s a bit messy, but im not feeling to well atm but i still wanted to draw so yeah deal with it :P )

I tried to draw samus aran from metroid / metroid prime / smash bro’s series

I recently got back into gaming on the nintendo 3ds (well i have a 2ds :P ) and i got a copy of smash 4 and i play as Samus (both suited and not suited!!!)

Ashes Of Eden


So my wonderful boyf got me into jojo!! and I-I’ve created myself a stand (basicly a spiritual guardian!!) Their name is “ashes of eden” (like the song by breaking benjamin!)

Mr. henton

see my concept doodle i did late last night at this link -…

If henton had a theme song, it'd be "pretty when you cry" by vast!! (heres a link to the song :)… )
Hey guys!! 
Just posting this up to say I now have an art blog on tumblr.  It'd mean so much if you guys went and checked it out!!
Here's the link to it >


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Sasha / Stutter
Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom
Hello! My name is Sasha(y'all can call me that, or you can call me stutter / stutter-punk), I'm a gender-queer human, living in the east of England. I'm a fan-person, my main fandom right now being supernatural. I'm also an artist. I'd love to share my passion with you!! Thank you for taking your time to check out my art!! Any feedback is appreciated.
You can also find me on Instagram at @ stutter_punk_art


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